about Leslie Reese

Native Detroiter Leslie Reese enjoys writing and performing stories and poems. She is an interdisciplinary artist and educator with experience working in schools, libraries, and museums; as well as collaborating with other artists to create textured storytelling.  She promotes literacy and self-expression using an interdisciplinary approach to the literary arts.

Leslie Reese published her first book of poems Upside Down Tapestry Mosaic History with Broadside Press and later “captured more of Detroit’s essential nature” in Urban Junkstar, published by Past Tents Press. She holds a BA in English from Alabama A&M University and a MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College, Chicago.

Leslie Reese is available for Performances and Readings; Facilitating Workshops; Research and Writing. Have questions and ideas? Contact here.

some of the journals and anthologies published between 1985-2013 that Leslie Reese is proud to have her work included in

Read her appreciation of Marilyn Nelson’s book, Carver: A Life In Poems here.

Access Michigan Quarterly Review: Vol.25, No.2 here, and read Leslie’s “The Trapper’s Alley Poem”.

Original poems on this site include “Waking Up At Home” , “I Love You (The Heidelberg Project),  “Grandiloquent,” “rhythm and ocean meditation #1,” and “genesis of a street warrior.”




  1. Hi Leslie, I don’t know how you found your way to my modest blog but I’m sure glad you did otherwise I wouldn’t have found you. I look forward to spending more time reading your words. Cheerio, Susanne (Wuthering Bites)

    1. Welcome, Susanne. I was spending a little time hunting around the wordpress blogosphere when I found your blog, and it was the breath of fresh air that I needed, today!

  2. Hello Leslie – Came across your blog by accident and what a lovely surprise it is. Reading your Little Leslie posts is like being with you again on Woodstock! I think of you so often and hope you and your family are all well. You look beautiful and happy, and just the way I remember you! Would love to get in touch. xx Kelly(Anne)

    1. Kelly!
      My heart is melting remembering how far we go back, and how long its been since I’ve seen you. We had missing teeth, together. I’m going to try and send you an email.

    1. You’re welcome, Marie. Even though I haven’t posted to my own blog in a few months, I still like to see what other bloggers are thinking and writing about from time to time. I hope that the next time you visit folklore & literacy I’ll have some new content here for you to enjoy!

      1. Leslie, I have only just seen this comment from you today! It was not in my notifications. Imagine?!!! Thank you. I love your writing and I think I can learn a lot from a more experienced person – I always enjoy your work – old or new. 🙂

        1. Hi Marie – I think that when you leave a comment you have to also check a box that subscribes you to the comment stream on that particular post. Nevertheless, I’m glad you returned to the blog. I’ve missed you! Thank you for thinking that you can learn something from me. I think we are all a part of each other’s learning circle – I have learned things from reading your posts as well. hugs!

  3. Leslie I just wanted to thank you for the follow and for this connection. I am really looking forward to reading more of what you have to say. I realise I have been a while catching up with followers – sorry for this. Best wishes, Marie

  4. My foster sisters loved to play this Tamla record. “Don’t Mess With Bill.” They played it a lot, so it must have been relevant in their lives.

    Ha! Another fond memory resurrected.

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