Unfortunately, The Same Death

Regarding:  The Black Unicorn:  Poems by Audre Lorde. Audre Lorde was such a strong truth-teller and master of the craft of poetry. For me, her poems frankly pulsate with psychic power, love, womanist majesty, pain, and cruel facts no one wants to know but must. I happened to be reading The Black Unicorn during the weeks…

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Aromas of Family Folklore

Recipes have a funny way of being a part of one’s history.  Whole stewpots of memories simmer in the burners of my heart with the precious aromas of family folklore.  For instance, my Uncle Colvin used to visit relatives on Saturday mornings after he and Aunt Joni’s weekly sunrise trip to Eastern Market.  He considered…

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Writer’s Choice: Thoughts About The Stories We Expect Certain Writers to Deliver

I have been thoroughly manipulated by Aminatta Forna’s writing skills.  The Hired Man is her novel about a Croatian man named Duro who feels compelled to tell the reader about Gost—his native village—during the Yugoslav civil war and its aftermath.  Duro is the “hired man.” A hunter, carpenter, painter, auto mechanic and protector; never married…

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